About The Scholarship

Dr. Nidhi Kadir Watson Memorial Scholarship is established by Nidhi Kadir Watson Program, here in after called NKW Program, formed by Nidhi’s parents Kadirpillai Chollampattu and Tara Fatima. The Program is offering scholarships for students in Kerala to pursue studies leading to a Bachelors degree in the fields of engineering/ medicine/technology / computer science / architecture / naval-architecture / arts or general science. Scholarships will be awarded for four years of study in engineering or medicine. For others, depending on duration of the course.


Scholorship Guidelines

Award of Scholarship

Scholarships will be awarded before the date indicated in the Application Form. The selected candidate will be notified through telephone, email or ordinary mail. Students who are awarded will be required to submit two passport size photograph and a signed affidavit in the format issued by NKW Program affirming that they understood the terms and conditions under which the scholarships are awarded and renewed. These documents are prerequisite for issuing the first scholarship check as referenced below. In addition to the above, the selected candidate should submit original/certified copy of the documents mentioned in the “Information For Applicants” to NKW Program to verify the statements made in the “Application Form” are true and correct. In case any of the statements made in the “Application Form” turned out to be not true, NKW Program reserve the right to reject the scholarship to the selected candidate. These documents will be returned to the candidate after verification

Amount of Scholarship

The current amount of scholarship is limited to Rs.50,000/- for Engineering and Rs.75,000/- for Medicine per year for four years. For other courses, the amount will be notified at the time of invitation of applications. The exact amount for each year will be decided by NKW Program at the beginning of each academic year based on the place of residence of the candidate (staying in hostel or day scholar), tuition fees, expenses for books, cloths and other incidentals. In case during the course of study, candidate receives any other financial assistance from government or private institutions such as e-grant etc. NKW PROGRAM reserves the right to reduce the scholarship amount to that extent. It is the responsibility of the candidate to inform NKW Program immediately in writing receipt of any such financial assistance. Failure to do so will lead to cancellation of future scholarship assistance. NKW PROGRAM may revise the maximum amount of scholarship referenced above depending on the need of each academic year due to change in fees , living expense etc.

Method of Payment

NKW Program Director shall send the scholarship award cheque to the scholarship recipient or make direct deposit to recipient’s bank account. The scholarship recipient shall be advised to open a bank account and provide the bank account details to NKW Program Director for direct deposit of scholarship amount.

More information

How to Apply ?

Scholarship :

See eligibility, basis for award and other criteria.

Application Form:

Online submission or print and submit through mail.
Use the given format only. Must provide all information.